Who Let The Cats Out?! Why Turbo Tracks Are Awesome.

The Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy has it all… if you’re a cat! We just had to share are the top reasons that the Turbo Scratcher is considered a feline favorite – mostly because we couldn’t resist the photos that you shared of your cats having fun.  Any good reasons to add?  Feel free to share them, or your own awesome cat photos, in the comments!

1. It’s a great spot for a sprinkle of catnip! Few cats can resist having a good roll when you add it, and maybe even going a little crazy before taking a recuperative nap.

(Source: Michelle, Alfie is hilarious!)

2. It makes for a comfy napping spot – if you’re a cat! Of course we know that cats sleep in some of the oddest places and positions. A spot that looks like it’s made for them and smells just right might be irresistible.

(Source: Kathy, Olivia looks so content!)

3. It’s an excellent claw-sharpener. The replaceable cardboard scratcher in the middle is perfect for getting the fidgets out. Far better than say, the sofa… (Source: Thanks for sharing, Mizuki!)

4. Sitting or standing on it adds height and an aura of nobility. If it makes you look taller, the dog might respect you.

(Source: Judy, Doodle is adorable!)

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5. Prey cannot escape the circular maze. That ball just keeps going around in a chase-inducing circuit. It doesn’t get lost under the fridge, or bounce down the stairs.

(Source: Thanks Susan! Clover’s sure having fun!)

6. It makes a great conversation piece!

(Source: Thanks for sharing, Candice!)

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