Cancer-Sniffing Dog Shares A Close Bond With Her Foster Human

Dogs as pets are incredible. They can do so much for us, from alleviating stress to giving us companionship when we are lonely. Working dogs are also incredible. They save and protect lives on a daily basis.

Meet a foster dad who is SO PROUD of three year old doggy superhero named Tsunami. He calls her Su. Awww! Su is a cancer-sniffing dog that is trained to sniff out ovarian cancer. She is smart and sweet… and literally saves lives! The work that Tsunami does, and other dogs like her, gives people like Clint, hope that medical treatment is sought before it’s too late. Clint lost his dad to cancer so he knows that each day that goes by, without a diagnosis and treatment, can change a person’s fate.

With more dogs like Tsunami, people can get a quicker diagnosis, without as many invasive tests. That sounds like a superhero dog to me! Thank you, Tsunami!

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