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Trusty – Part Basset, Part Labrador, All AmBassAdor!

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Part 2: Trusty in Training. Maybe just a little more attention would have helped. Maybe just an extra walk or two each day. A few more belly rubs. Maybe what Trusty needed was simply training. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and Trusty ended up in the shelter. One of the reasons many animals end up in shelters is a lack of training. That’s changing thanks to shelters like Pet Orphans, and Trusty is an amazing example of an inspiring transformation…through training. Watch Trusty’s enlightening story, now and in upcoming episodes, as this part Basset, part Labrador, truly becomes a shelter AmBassAdor.

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Larry Kay believes that “when we discover pets, we discover ourselves.” He is the award-winning coauthor of Training the Best Dog Ever, which became a #1 best seller in dog training on Amazon Kindle. He created the award-winning Animal Wow dog care DVD for kids, which was endorsed by the American Humane Association. Larry Kay has been a frequent contributor to the American Animal Hospital Association and Dog Fancy magazine. His Facebook page celebrates the human-animal bond with more than 750,000 dog-loving fans.
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