Truck Driver Rescues Three Stray Cats, And Now They Travel The Country Together

A truck driver in China has gone viral for his three rescue cats who ride around the country with him while he works.

According to the South China Morning Post, the 56-year-old long-distance truck driver named Wang adopted the three cats after finding them as strays while working on the road.

Photo: Facebook/9GAG

That was back in 2020, and the cats haven’t left his side since!

As shared in a video by 9GAG, Wang didn’t just adopt the cats and let them hang out in the passenger seat. He created them an entire bunk bed to relax on!

Photo: Facebook/9GAG

The three-tier bunk bed features a comfy cat haven for each rescue feline to sleep in while they drive. On stops, the cats get out of the truck and stretch their legs. They use the restroom outside and come back to the truck when it’s time to keep going.

It may be unconventional, but it’s pretty incredible, and the cats seem so happy!

Photo: Facebook/9GAG

Life as a stray cat is tough, and seeing these three cats have the care and companionship they need to thrive is truly something special. Plus, the cats offer Wang some company on the road while he’s away from home.

Check out the video below:

It may not be common to have pets accompany truck drivers, but Wang isn’t the first person to rescue a cat on the road. Paul Robertson of Minnesota found a stray cat while working as a truck driver too! He adopted the cat, and now the two of them travel the country together.

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