What Would(n’t) You Do To Save The Life Of The Animal You Love?

The most amazing things happen when you fall in love. When most people think about falling in love, they think about it happening with another human. But what happens when a love story is about a human and her animal? Yea, I like those stories best!

A raccoon that was clubbed, almost to death, by a golfer, was rescued by an amazing woman named Dorothy. No one would help this poor raccoon. They wanted to euthanize him. He was blind and couldn’t walk. Everyone else thought that Trouper (aptly named) was a waste of time and resources. But not Dorothy!

But then law enforcement in North Carolina said that Dorothy couldn’t keep Trouper because it was against the law. OH NO! How could Dorothy just abandon Trouper?

What Dorothy then does for Trouper is INCREDIBLE…because really, what wouldn’t you do for love?

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