I Love My Tripod Dog, But I Wish I Had Known This Before Adopting Him.

6. Watch The Stairs

Tripp’s biggest challenge is still the stairs. He can go up the stairs, but he hasn’t attempted to go down our stairs yet because he is too scared. When it comes to going up the stairs, he feels more confident when someone is standing behind him guiding his legs. Stairs can be a scary thing for a tripod pet. Be patient, assist them when necessary, and go at their pace. They make special harnesses for tripod pets so that you can easily assist them with challenging things like going down the stairs or getting into a car if necessary.


5. Manage Slippery Surfaces

Tripod pets may have difficulty navigating on slippery surfaces such as hardwood floors, tile, and linoleum. Place rugs and runners down in heavily trafficked areas to help your pet keep their balance.

4. Take Care Of Pads

Protecting the pad that takes the majority of the weight is essential to your pet’s comfort and their health. Moisturize, clean, and trim the remaining paw pad and nails so that your pet remains comfortable and their paw pads don’t become painfully cracked.


3. Clutter-Free

As it turns out, Tripp was a very appropriate name for our adopted pup. He often stumbled and tripped over things on the floor. We soon realized that we needed to keep things tidier for him. Keeping floors and yards clear of clutter helps your pet get around easily, and limits the things they can stumble over. A win-win for all!

2. Protect Remaining Limbs

Don’t let them overdo it with exercise. It is your responsibility to protect their remaining limbs. Keep exercise at a reasonable level so as to not overwork their remaining limbs and cause stress.

1. Consider Some Wheels

Depending on your pet’s age and energy level, investing in a wheelchair or wheels might be a good option to help with their mobility. There are many different styles and options to choose from depending on your pet’s size and specific needs.

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Adopting a tripod pet is one of the most rewarding and kind things you can do!

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