Puppy Mill Dog Is Finally Free After 9 Years In A Cage

Puppy mill dogs endure immense suffering. They are kept in small and filthy cages. Most are never treated for wounds or infections and just used to breed. The greedy person sells the puppies and continues to breed the dogs, until they can no longer. Trip, a three-legged dog, lived this life until rescuers arrived to save him and his friends.

National Mill Dog Rescue arrived to save all the poor dogs and show them love for the first time in their lives. Each dog was gently removed and placed in a clean crate in the rescue van. The dogs were brought to a non-profit facility in Colorado. Trip experienced for the first time what a clean bed and the feeling of grass on his paws.

Photos: Facebook/National Mill Dog Rescue

All the dogs were examined and treated by a vet. Trip was neutered and had some infected teeth removed. He arrived with just three legs but it did not stop him from getting around. He received a bath and was ready for his new life. One by one they started to get adopted into loving forever homes. Trip looked on with hopeful eyes that one day he would be the one that was chosen and have a home of his own.

Photos: Facebook/National Mill Dog Rescue

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Finally, that day arrived and Trip could not have been happier to meet his new mom and dad. Trip is one of thousands of puppy mill dogs that are looking for loving homes. Life has not been easy for them but they have not given up hope. All they need is a loving family to take them in.

If you have room in your heart and home for a loving dog, check out National Mill Dog Rescue. Adopt do not shop!

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