This Family Just Had The Best Holiday EVER!!!

Losing your pet can be devastating. Truthfully, the word “devastating” doesn’t even do the feelings justice. Our pets are our children! They mean so much to us and to think they are out there, cold or hungry or in danger is a horrible feeling. We search, we put up signs, we call every single place we could think of: police stations, veterinary offices, fire houses, local shelters. And to hear that there is no sign of them is a nightmare.

Isn’t it everyone’s hope that we can always be reunited, no matter what? Well, this family got their holiday miracle this year when their dog Trinity that went missing was found! This family couldn’t even think about celebrating Thanksgiving when just the day before, their beloved dog went missing. But thankfully, a holiday miracle and the people of Queens, New York who never stopped looking, blessed this entire family when Trinity was found. Watch their happy, tearful, doggy-kissing reunion here!

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