There’s No Trouble With This Tribble, He’s Got The Cutest Purr On Earth!

Tribble isn’t just a cute face. He’s full of unique purrs that are guaranteed to steal your heart in 2 seconds flat.

This fluffy feline’s first human passed away and he ended up at the shelter. In his second home, he dealt with wild kids that loved to torture him. So sad!

Source: YouTube/Sho Ko
Source: YouTube/Sho Ko

Life eventually started to look up for Tribble. He was returned to the shelter where he was LOVED and used as a dog tester.

If dogs were calm around Tribble, then the dogs were approved for homes with cats. Yup, he was that cool.

Now Tribble is in his forever home where his unique purr is treasured just like he is. YAY!

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