Ways to Naturally Treat Dog Sores at Home

When our dogs get a sore, our heart really goes out to them. We understand that they don’t recognize the need to leave it alone, so it often means a trip to the veterinarian.

This leads many people to wonder if it is really possible to treat a dog sore at home. Here is some information on the subject about how it happens and what can be done about it.

What we are actually talking about is a lick granuloma. It’s a type of injury that may have started out in a minor way, such as a scratch or even a bug bite, but as the dog licks it, it continues to grow.

Photos: Pixabay / Mylene2401

Some of the common reasons why this takes place include wounds, allergies, arthritis, parasites, cancer, and even an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Regardless of why it happens, we want to treat the problem successfully. We want to make sure that our furry friend is comfortable.

Before we discuss some of the ways to treat this problem at home, it’s good to mention that a local veterinarian may have the solution. This could be an anti-inflammatory medication, a course of antibiotics, or another medication.

The granuloma may start out with a simple sore, but as the dog continues to lick it, it could turn into an obsessive-compulsive disorder. You might find that your dog even needs a mood-altering drug to treat the problem successfully.

Treating a Lick Granuloma at Home

There are some options to treat this problem at home, but it isn’t often easy. In almost all cases, the primary reason why the issue occurred will have to be cleared before the problem will resolve.

As an example, if your dog has arthritis that leads to this issue, the arthritis will have to be dealt with. The same is also true for a wound, including a bug bite.

The Cone of Shame

What we sometimes referred to as the ‘cone of shame’ is actually something that can go a long way to help break the cycle. That being said, not every dog will do well in this type of Elizabethan collar.

You may want to try a doughnut collar, which is tolerated by more dogs and serves the same general purpose.

Photos: Pixabay / sarahbanis

Another option is to try coconut oil because of its natural antibiotic capabilities. If the infection is only superficial, it may work to clear things up.

You will have to apply the coconut oil multiple times every day and keep the area moist. You may also want to cover the area because coconut oil could stain furniture and carpeting.

Another type of oil that may work is oregano oil. In a similar way to coconut oil, it has antibiotic properties. You also use a lot less oregano oil, only about three drops per use.

Finally, try some aloe, as it provides anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits. Apply the aloe at least three times a day and use a cone collar to keep the dog from licking it. Make sure you are using the gel from inside the plant and not the outer part of the plant.

Is Anti-Anxiety Medication Necessary?

One of the problems with many dogs having a lick granuloma is the possibility that the licking could turn into a compulsive disorder. Some dogs may need anti-anxiety medication if that is the case.

An Elizabethan collar with anti-anxiety medication will usually do the trick. Other types of drugs may also be used, and it is always good to try them before surgery is considered.

When Surgery Is Necessary

We would all like to treat the sore at home with a natural solution. There may be times, however, when surgery is necessary to remove the lick granuloma and fully resolve the problem.

As is the case with many health issues, it is always best to try other options before surgery is considered. There may even be laser therapy that can help to remove the wound, keeping you from avoiding surgery in the process.

The bottom line is that you can attempt to treat the sore at home with natural treatments. Don’t overlook the possibility of contacting a veterinarian, however, to ensure your dog’s comfort and health.

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