When The Author Of Travels With Casey Meets A Stray, She Becomes Part Of His Story

Dogs make us feel loved, embarrassed, amused, frustrated, excited – basically they help us feel alive.  Today, there are so many dogs in America, each experiencing so many different kinds of lives, nearly all one way or another in the company of humans.  What can we learn about our country and ourselves from these amazing animals?

Benoit Denizet-Lewis, a writer with the New York Times Magazine, decided to travel the country with his dog, Casey.  After exploring 32 states and 13,000 miles, meeting Cesar Millan, and adopting a stray dog along the way, their story should be exciting.  “Steinbeck was trying to tell the story of America’s soul,” he explains.  “I hope to tell the story of America’s dogs, and their dog-crazy humans.”

Watch to learn more about the newly published account, entitled (with a nod to Steinbeck), Travels with Casey.  Note:  PG13.

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