Trained Service Dogs Help Autistic Individuals

There is a special organization located in Northern California that is helping people with autism through the assistance of our four-legged friends. Pawsitive Service Dog Solutions pairs a person diagnosed with spectrum disorders and other impairments with a specially trained service dog.

According the the Monterey County Herald, the nonprofit has been operating for two years and has made 50 matches thus far.

"We want to pair as many as we can. It's not a milestone to say we've paired 10 or even 30 because this is an ongoing campaign," Marc Paulhus, program director at Pawsitive, told the source. "It's not how many people we help, it's the impact that each match makes to an individual family that matters."

Currently, there is a two year national waiting list for service pets trained for people with autism. The organization has a goal of reducing that time frame to nine months.

There are many projects in the works that aim to increase the number of service dogs. Pawsitive is seeking additional volunteers to train young dogs basic skills for up to 12 months. After that period, professionals help complete the learning process.

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