What This Dog Does When A Train Approaches Will Amaze You

All rescue stories affect you in certain ways, but this one seriously gave me chills. I’m convinced that a dog’s loyalty is the strongest kind on the planet.


This dog’s sister was stuck on the train tracks for two days but he never gave up on her. In fact, he brought her food and kept her company. And each time a train came, he covered her body with his own to protect her.

When the videographer approached the dogs, the brother warned him to stay away. The protection for his sister went beyond the train; this dog only wanted his sister to be safe and was overwhelmed by how to keep her out of harm’s way. The videographer waited for help to arrive and when the brother was gently muzzled, the two dogs were taken out of the cold… for good!


Now, both dogs are safe and will remain together, always. Do you have goosebumps too?


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