Toto the Cat Survives Tornado and Becomes Community Celebrity

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Tornadoes are often filled with tales of destruction, but in the case of Toto the cat, a twister is part of his origin story. According to Catster, in 2011 a tornado hit a small town in New England called Brimfield. More than 25 percent of the homes in the area were wiped out. However, during the rescue process a worker found a small kitten stuck in a tree.

The cat was only days old and was so high up in the tree that rescuers believed high winds from the tornado had blown the feline to the top. This observation led to the cat’s name.

“I remember someone calling out ‘he should be named Toto if he survived a tornado,'” Jonathan Hall, a paramedic, told the source. “He certainly helped to fleetingly relieve the stress and tension we were all suffering and I just knew we had to take care of him and get him some help.”

During this time the Boston Animal Rescue League had a slew of volunteers helping displaced animals. The group found a mother cat that was able to nurse Toto along with her kittens.

According to the source, just two months later Hall decided to adopt the rescued cat. Nowadays, Toto continues to be a brave soul, as he travels with Hall (on a leash) around town. The pair are now community celebrities. 

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