Tote Bag Transforms Small Pets Into An Adorable Lion

One of the joys of pet parenthood is getting to buy our furry friends all sorts of toys, clothes, and supplies. Some items we get for our pets are practical, some are fun, and some are a combination of practical and fun!

A small pet-carrying tote happens to fall into the latter category as it allows for the hands-free carry of a pet while transforming them into an adorable lion at the same time.

Photo: Etsy/MiMiCustomClothing

The tote was designed by MiMi Custom Clothing. It can be worn over the shoulder with a small pet, weighing less than 9 pounds, inside.

The tote features a safety strap to keep the pet securely inside, along with an adorable head hole for the pet to look through.

Photo: Etsy/MiMiCustomClothing

Perhaps the best part of the tote is the outside design. When the pet sticks his or her head through the peep hole, the design on the outside makes it appear as if the animal is a lion! It’s too cute.

Photo: Etsy/MiMiCustomClothing

In the product description, the company wrote:

“This pet sling is designed for daily use such as walking, hiking, traveling, and all outdoor activities. Perfect suitable for small pets 9lbs…One pocket will keep you handsfree not only from your animal, but also your phone, wallet, and all other making you handy.”

Photo: Etsy/MiMiCustomClothing

You can find the tote on the company’s Etsy shop here.

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