Top Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

Many people don't know that owning a pet can provide several health benefits. The bond that's created between human and pet dates back thousands of years.

According to the Cancer Nutrition Centers of America, heart attack patients who own a pet are more likely to survive longer than those who do not have a furry friend. Pet owners also make up to 20 percent fewer doctors visits than non-pet owners.

You may want to consider getting a pet to call your own if you want to lower your cholesterol levels and improve your overall psychological well-being. 

Senior citizens with Alzheimer's disease can benefit from having a tank full of brightly colored fish, as it can improve their eating habits and cut back on disruptive behaviors. 

The benefits are also great for children. When they're exposed to pets during their first year of life, kids have a lesser chance of developing asthma and allergies.

Animal Planet said that owning a pet is an ideal way to get out and meet other people because your animal serves as an instant icebreaker. Head to your local dog park or outdoor cafe, and you'll be sure to strike up a conversation with someone. Probably another pet owner. This will improve both you and your dog's socialization skills. 

Pets help reduce your stress levels because they can make people feel at ease. Chronic stress can cause a plethora of other health problems, so having a cat or dog in your home can help take some of the stress out of your life. 

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