How Sharp Is Your Pup? Discover The Top 5 Most Literate Dog Breeds

Despite the global epidemic of canine illiteracy that has left 99.9% of dogs unable to read, there are still 0.1% who can! And like humans, those lucky few canines have their preferences. From poetry to romance novels, each breed is unique in what they like to read.

Read on to discover which breeds are the best readers and find out if your dog made the list!

Labrador Retriever

As the most popular domesticated dog breed in the world, Labrador Retrievers are statistically the most well-read of all dogs. These cheerful and bright pups tend to prefer more light-hearted stories, and will happily spend days with their noses in the latest beach read.



Dachshunds have been known to entertain themselves with their owners’ fallen newspapers and magazines due to their proximity to the ground. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Though the length of their legs makes opening large books difficult, paperbacks and periodicals are right up their alley.



Despite the folds of skin that can sometimes hang in their eyes, Bloodhounds are experts at sniffing out great books. Not just any genre will do for these sophisticated readers — they prefer the classics and have been known to spend long hours devouring Sir Arthur Canine Doyle.



These pampered pups are known to have access to the finest literature of any other breed, and their appreciation for poetry is unmatched in the canine world. Paper cuts are a serious risk for these famously snow-white beauties, so owners often spring for e-readers to keep them safe.



Mixed breeds or “mutts” boast the most diverse reading collection of them all. Raised on the streets, mutts typically learn to read from the street signs, sidewalk litter and billboards they pass on their way around town. Their grammar may not be top-notch, but life on the streets makes them the most up-to-date on the news of the day.

How well can your dog read? Tell us in the comments! And read on to find out how you can help combat canine illiteracy.

You can help illiterate dogs transform into sophisticated, smart, and knowledgeable canines! Thanks to the pioneering work of the Center for Canine Literacy Center, dogs around the world will someday enjoy the gift of reading. Your donation today will help the 99.9% of the world’s dogs who can’t read. Do your part to help. Do it.

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