Top 5 Pit Bull Myths Get Busted!

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The pit bull breed has become shrouded in myth and misinformation in recent years. Highly publicized media reports and misleading statistics have portrayed them as violent, dangerous bullies instead of animals that deserve love and respect. For years, legislators and concerned pet owners have debated pit bulls’ reputation and temperament, bringing a cloud of negativity to over the breed.

We’ve decided to clear away the confusion by busting the top 5 pit bull myths. Read on — the results may surprise you!

Pitbull03_Stockxchng-892817_14024674_none_2012-07-31Myth #5: Pit bulls are more aggressive than other breeds.

Not true. Although pit bulls have a reputation for being aggressors, interdog aggression is a common behavior and plenty of other breeds are known for it as well. In fact, in the American Temperament Test Society’s annual tests of over 240 breeds, pit bulls consistently achieve a passing rate that’s as good as or better than other popular breeds. As of December 2007, American pit bull terriers had a pass rate of 84.3 percent compared to the 81.6 percent pass rate for all breeds tested. (How did your favorite breed do? Find out here.)

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