Top 4 Reasons Cats Love Boxes (Plus a Video!)

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Cats are known for being fickle, but nearly every cat owner will tell you that there’s one surefire cure for every bad kitty attitude: a box.

Big cats, small cats, big boxes, small boxes – it doesn’t seem to matter! You’d be hard-pressed to find a cat who won’t go nuts for a good old fashioned cube of cardboard.

So, what’s the attraction?

While none of us can truly speak for our furry friends, here are a few theories about what’s behind the cardboard obsession.

Boxes Offer Security

Cats are attracted to the comfort and safety of small, confined spaces – to them, being inside a box feels like hiding out in a small den or cave. The enclosed space provides protection from predators and functions a bit like security blanket, helping to relieve cats’ stress and anxiety.

It’s in Their Nature

Additionally, those four little walls provide excellent concealment from predators and create a fantastic vantage point for cats to assess their surroundings while remaining virtually unseen (or so they think). Cats are predators after all, and boxes can act as ideal lookouts for observing prey, even if that prey is nothing more than a catnip mouse toy.

Cardboard is Comfy

In case you haven’t noticed, cats spend a lot of time sleeping– up to 20 hours a day! – so it makes sense that they’d want to do so in a safe and cozy spot. The snug confines of a cardboard box provide a sense of shelter and also help maintain cats’ body heat. Sounds pretty appealing, no?

FreeKibble Tip: To give your cat the ultimate snoozing sanctuary, try placing a blanket in a box that’s about his or her size. Chances are it will become a favorite hangout spot in no time.

Boxes Are a Blast!

But boxes aren’t just good for napping. Leaving an empty box or two around the house is an inexpensive way to enrich your kitty’s environment. Cats have a blast climbing, nuzzling, nesting and jumping around in them – think kitty jungle gym. Need proof? Then check out the video! This fun-loving feline is in boxy bliss. Hilarious!

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