After a Lifetime of Abuse, This Pit Bull Has a Bright Future Ahead

Up until recently, Nana the Pit Bull probably didn’t know what it felt like to be loved and cared for. Her previous owners had abandoned her. She has borne about 15 litters of puppies in her 10 years on this earth. Her botched ear surgery had left her with an infection. She even had to get her ear canals removed due to an infestation of fungi and polyps, meaning she’s now deaf. All that’s left of her teeth are little nubs buried in her gums.

But her story didn’t end there.

Her life turned around thanks to medical student Stephanie Doris, who, on impulse, decided to foster her. She adopted Nana six months after that, having fallen in love with the sweet pooch.

“Even though I will never understand why or how they could treat a dog like that, especially a dog as sweet, as innocent, and as gentle as Nana, I am thankful [the previous owners] surrendered her,” Doris said. “Otherwise, she would not be with me now.”

So at long last, Nana has finally found someone who loves her, as well as someone she can love. She now spends her days playing, eating, sleeping, keeping Doris company while studying, and receiving ear nub scratches—one of her favorite things!

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Posted by Nana the Earless Pibble onSunday, May 24, 2015

But as Doris notes, “There are so many Nanas out there, just waiting” for a forever home. By adopting a Pit Bull—or any other pet—with a story like Nana’s, you can turn a life of tragedy into a story of hope.

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