Toothless Cat Looks Totally Different After Stint In Foster Care

Peaches the cat wasn’t looking her best when she showed up at Best Friend’s north central Los Angeles shelter. The seven-and-a-half year old feline wasn’t just covered in scabies, she was bedeviled with such serious dental issues that most of her teeth had to be removed.

But despite her physical condition, this little girl couldn’t stop purring – perhaps because she’d finally landed in a safe place. “It’s impossible to know the exact circumstances that contributed to Peaches’ physical condition, but it was clear that she had not gotten the appropriate treatment or care for the medical ailments she was suffering from,” a staff member, Diane Barber, told Love Meow.

Photo: Facebook/Best Friends Animal Society-Los Angeles

Regardless, staff was determined to not to let Peaches rough past interfere with her capacity to live her best cat life, so quickly intervened with rounds of antibiotics, skin ointment and loving staff who patiently combed the thick tangles from Peaches’ ginger fur.

As Peaches got stronger, the shelter started exploring options for foster homes. Shelters can be stressful even for young, healthy animals, and so – given Peaches’ age and numerous health issues — staff scoured the city for a generous cat lover able to provide this sweet adult cat with a safe, quiet foster home where she could fully recover.

Photo: Facebook/Best Friends Animal Society-Los Angeles

When Peaches returned to Best Friends two months later, Barber was shocked by her new look. “When she came back from foster care, she looked like a completely different cat,” she told Love Meow. “We were all absolutely blown away by her transformation.”

Though she was once covered in scabies, Peaches now brandishes healthy, clear skin. A thick coat of healthy orange fur now replaces the feline’s formerly knotted scruff. Her tongue hangs out of her mouth following the extraction of her teeth, but even this is cute. Best yet, the cat’s fresh new look and sweet demeanor recently resulted in Peaches finding her forever home!

Photo: Facebook/Best Friends Animal Society-Los Angeles

“It was clear that her time in foster care, getting personal love and attention, worked wonders for her,” Barber told Love Meow. “Peaches is looking like the radiant, gorgeous cat we all knew she was. She is beautiful inside and out,” she said. We couldn’t agree more!

Learn more about Peaches’ amazing transformation in the video below!

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