Emaciated Dog Was Found Tied To A Tree. Then, Rescuers Realized He Had A Microchip

A woman named Valia Orfanidou and her partner, Georgio, received a call about an abandoned dog who was found tied to a tree. The couple immediately got in their car and rushed to the scene.

Valia performs many animal recess in Athens, Greece, but this one was different from the rest. The couple slowly drove by, whistling and calling for the dog. They finally spotted the dog in the distance, but he looked way worse than they thought he would.

The poor dog was confused, and extremely week and emaciated. They tied a leash on him and brought him to their car. They then rushed him to get treatment and then realize something shocking: the dog has a microchip.

Valia called the former owner and learned that the dog, named Tool, was given to a new owner who was a hunter. The hunter tied Tool up to a tree when he began limping and could no longer serve a purpose for the hunter.

Valia treated Tool and within two months he was back to good health. He has since been adopting and is living the good life. Watch his paw-some recovery in the video below:

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