11-Year-Old And Her Canine Sidekick Save Newborn Goat In Snowstorm

What a story! This inseparable human-dog team saved two precious lives!


While making their way home in the snow, Hamdu Sena, a young goat herder in Turkey, and her dog, Tomi, faced the biggest challenge of their lives: A mama goat went into labor and gave birth to a tiny newborn.

The snow was steep and it was freezing cold! Making their way back home through the treacherous weather wasn’t going to be easy, so these two got creative!

The tiny baby goat was placed in a backpack and then placed on Tomi’s back.


The mama goat was put in a backpack and placed on Hamdu’s back.


Together, as a team, they walked through the freezing snow and made it back home. To see a team work together like this, simply amazes me. The quick-thinking of a child and her dog saved the lives of two goats. Hamdu may be a “kid” herself but she’s also a hero!

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