No More Cages For This Sad Bear! Here’s To Making Him Happy (Like He Deserves!) YAY!

Nobody deserves to be left in a cage! Especially an animal that needs to roam freely.

Tomi the bear was left, caged up, in a town in Albania. He was forced to drink beer to perform. He was underfed and abused. It baffles me that anyone could witness this, let alone do it to him in the first place! What is wrong with these people?!

Well, luckily, a rescue organization stepped up and did what they had to do to free Tomi.

At long last, Tomi was let out of that very mean cage, and brought to a local zoo so he can be vaccinated and checked out. There, he will receive proper medical attention. The goal is to get Tomi to a healthy weight and in a better frame of mind, and then transfer him to Bear Sanctuary Pristhina.

You can help bears, too. Just one dollar can help The Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network preserve North American bears’ natural habitat and allow them to co-exist peacefully with farms and ranches. Click here to learn more!

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