Olympic Diver Tom Daley Knitted An Adorable Jumper For His Dog

It’s no secret that Olympians are skilled, driven people. They hone their skills for years and compete at the highest levels of athleticism and strength.

Some, though, branch out past the hyper-competitive atmosphere and demonstrate charming and surprising hidden talents.

Tom Daley, the gold medalist diver for Great Britain, has garnered a following on Instagram for an unexpected passion of his — knitting!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Olympian, who posts his creations on the @madewithlovebytomdaley Instagram account, has raised money for charities by auctioning off original creations.

The hobby has also been a great destresser. Writing on Instagram, Daley said, “Learning to knit and crochet has helped me so much through these Olympics.”

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He went viral after he was seen knitting at Olympic events, using the rhythmic motion and pattern to relieve some of the pressure that the games entail.

One creation he’s worked on in Tokyo is an adorable jumper for a very special celebrity friend, Izzy the Frenchie.

Izzy is celebrated by the fashion world for her impeccable style and attitude — she’s gained a social media following for those same reasons.

Recently, they announced that she’ll wear Tom Daley’s specially-made jumper at Fashion Week! “I think we’re gonna include it in her fashion week,” Izzie’s owner Rick Hendrix told TMZ. “Maybe walk in New York next time it’s all safe and we can get out again!”

Daley, who has shared that he gets many of his patterns from Etsy user Alice Neal, offered the unique jumper to Izzy after striking up a conversation with Hendrix over their shared love of the pampered pooch. After getting plenty of practice knitting jumpers for dogs of friends, he was ready for the fashion diva’s new outfit.

Keep an eye on Daley’s knitting account here, and check out Izzy the Frenchie’s Instagram here for more doggy fashion!

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