Toddler Sneaks Out Of His Bed To Cuddle With The Dog On The Floor

Paige Knudston has four children so you would think that she’d seen it all. That is, until she saw her toddler, Finn, getting up in the middle of the night, sneaking out of bed and cuddling next to his dog on the floor. That dog, Brutus the boxer, and Finn have been inseparable since he was brought home from the hospital. Finn had a heart defect from birth and required emergency surgery. The dog picked up on the fact that he needed extra protection.

The pictures clearly show the 23-month-old toddler sneaking out of his bed with his sheets and teddy bear to be close to the dog. As Finn continues to shift and try to get comfortable, Brutus just sleeps through everything.

When Paige spoke with the DailyMail, she said: “I actually watched the footage in real-time from my phone in the next room, there was no watching the footage back or rewinding it. I was right on the other side of the door listening the whole time.”

Photo: YouTube / Internet Refresh

I don’t know about you, but my heart is melting right now!

Watch the video below:

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