Mom Shares Warning After Her Daughter Got Bit By A Deadly Snake Hiding In The Toy Bin

We often feel most safe within our own homes. But sometimes our sense of security is violated and we’re left feeling vulnerable within our own “safe space.” And one mom is on social media sharing a warning to all other parents and guardians following her daughter having been bitten by a deadly snake.

The mother, Kate Gardner Foust from Jackson, Tenessee, posted a Facebook warning after her 19-month-old daughter, Emmy Joe, was bitten on the ankle by a copperhead snake.

The elementary school teacher shared with WSMV News that the young child was in the care of a babysitter when the incident occurred. Apparently, following the bite, Emmy Joe began to scream in pain after being bitten. The deadly reptile had allegedly been hiding in the child’s toys.

Logan, Kate’s husband, was able to hunt down the reptile in their home and finish it off before it bit anyone else. However, Emmy Joe had to be taken to the emergency room as her leg started to swell. In Kate’s post, she shared photos of both Emmy’s swollen leg, as well as the dead snake.

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In her Facebook post she wrote that the snake had concealed itself next to their back door where the young child had her toys. She also shared that her husband Logan wasn’t even sure what he used to kill the snake with, as he was running on pure adrenaline at the time of the incident.

Kate added, “We were both hoping it was a chicken snake but when Logan went back and moved the toys his heart immediately dropped into his stomach. Please, please check your kids toys before they go outside to play. This has been a very hard and emotional process for both of us.”

She wrote that seeing her child in pain was one of the hardest things that she’s ever experienced as a mother.

WSMV reported that the little girl spent two days in the hospital due to her injuries. Eventually, she was released and is doing fine, although Kate did follow up with the fact that the child’s leg was still a bit sore.

Hopefully she makes a full recovery, and this will be a reminder to all parents who keep toys outside to be careful of what might be hiding inside.

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