Is Your Pet An Escape Artist?

Toby, the very adorable Shih Tzu, was getting out of his confined area. His humans were baffled. They set up a camera to see what he was doing to get through the gate. As you can see, the house is undergoing renovations so it’s imperative that he stays in a safe zone. Well, it seems Toby has a few methods that work. I guess when Toby wants something, Toby gets it. Some trouble makers are just too cute to get mad at. Well, most of the time anyway. 😀

If you had a good time with Toby, you’ll LOVE this dog too! Meet the sweetest Golden Retriever that is totally obsessed with her toys. So much so that she brings a different one to bed with her every single night. HOW CUTE IS THAT?! I know, I’m totally in love with her too! You can’t just watch this video once either, or keep it just to yourself. It’s too darn adorable! Click here to watch 🙂

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