They Found A Homeless Dog Dragging His Legs Behind Him. They Didn’t Think He’d Ever Walk Again…

A stray dog, later named Toby, was found living alone on the streets of Mexico. But he was in horrible shape. His two hind legs were paralyzed, for reasons unknown, and he dragged his legs behind him as he tried to get around. He looked helpless and defeated.

His rescuers didn’t think he’d ever be able to walk again, but they didn’t give up on him. Compassion Without Borders, an animal rescue groups, took him in and examined him at their clinic. They worked with him every day to rehabilitate his legs. As the days went on, he began gaining strength in his legs and walked a little more at a time. And the best news of all? He found a forever home! He’s made new doggy friends, and now has a family who will love him for the rest of his life. He’ll never have to worry about living on the streets ever again!

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