Dog Waits Every Day For His Owner To Come Home From Work

One of the best traits that dogs embody is devotion. They love with their whole hearts and aren’t afraid to dedicate themselves to their family.

A recent viral TikTok has shown that trait in action, by telling the story of Toby, a mixed-breed dog from Peru.

Every day, Toby watches as his owner leaves for work. Perched on the family’s balcony, he keeps watching until he can no longer see him.

PHOTO: YOUTUBE / Spaik_ Toby

Because he suffers from separation anxiety, Toby worries during the day. Fortunately, his family — including fellow four-legged friend Spaik — keeps him company and helps calm him down. The two love to cuddle, dig holes together, and play tag.

Most of the long, idle days pass slowly for Toby as he awaits his owner’s return. He’s been with the family since he was a little puppy, along with Spaik.

For his part, Toby’s owner describes him as “the best,” and loves sharing video updates to their over 500,000 TikTok followers.

PHOTO: YOUTUBE / Spaik_ Toby

All that waiting finally pays off when, after the sun has set and his owner has finished the day’s work, the two are reunited!

Toby can hardly contain himself and jumps with joy to see his owner again.

Toby and Spaik, along with their owner, share adventures with fans on TikTok and YouTube, showing just how strong their bond has grown over time.

Photo: Pixabay/Pexels

In a video titled “Toby: Mi amigo,” Toby’s owner describes him as “very thoughtful,” and says that he “makes us all laugh.”

Because he cares so much about his family, Toby shows his dedication every day as he keeps watch for his owner’s return.

The original video, which shared this side of Toby with the world, has racked up nearly 8 million views!

Watch it and more from Toby & Spaik below, in the video “Toby and his love, an unconditional love.”

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