Rescued Puppy Mill Dog Now Has A Life You Should Toast To!

Meet a rescue dog that is living such an amazing life, you just have to raise your glass and toast to it! Funny thing is, her name is Toast! Toast sadly lived in a puppy mill but she was rescued. YAY!

After, she was adopted by a celebrity known as the Fat Jew. It’s not derogatory… that’s his celebrity name! (And P.S. I’m Jewish too!) His real name is Josh Ostrovsky and he is well known for his off the wall commentary. He’s a pretty funny guy!

As seen in the video, Toast has a fantastic new life, filled with fun times and loads of love. And just look at how cute she is! That tongue gets me every time. Mr. Ostrovsky loves to dress her up and take her on adventures. Let’s toast to Toast’s new amazing life!

If you have room in your heart and home for a pet, think about adopting one today! There are so many animals that need forever homes, just like Toast, and they all deserve the best life possible. is a great resource. Or go and check out your local shelter. Let’s save them all!

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