Meet Toad: The Rescue Cat That’s Part Kangaroo

Have you ever heard of a cross between a kangaroo and a cat? We certainly hadn’t, but that’s because we’d never met Toad before!

According to Toad’s owner, he’s part feline, part kangaroo – possibly the world’s first mix of the two species!

You see, a stray cat got into the kangaroo exhibit at a zoo and before the staff knew what had happened, Toad was born!

Photo: YouTube/Ivar the Incredible Blind Cat & Family

Ok, that’s not actually how it happened. Toad isn’t really part kangaroo. He’s 100% cat. But he does hop around like a kangaroo, and his little arms make him look like he’s part kangaroo, which is why his owner gets questions about him all the time!

Toad lives with his four rescue siblings, Ivar (Toad’s older brother who’s blind), Alice the Maine Coon, and Jenn and Fred who were both born with Tibial hemimelia.

Photo: YouTube/Ivar the Incredible Blind Cat & Family

He has radial hypoplasia, which causes his legs to be short and twisted. According to a veterinarian with Vets Explain Pets, cats with radial hypoplasia usually have normal hind legs, but “twisty” and shortened front legs. They can still use their front legs to walk, climb, and scratch, but they may have to use them differently than other cats.

The hereditary condition isn’t generally painful for cats like Toad, but it can cause other issues to arise like the cat developing sores on its elbows from walking on them among other things.

YouTube/Ivar the Incredible Blind Cat & Family

Thankfully, Toad seems to be doing just fine for himself. He may not be half kangaroo, but he’s still living his best life!

Check out the video below:

You can keep up with Toad and his family on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok!

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