Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe During Road Trips

These days, many people take their furry friends along on road trips. However, a new environment can pose certain risks to the animal. To keep your pet safe while you're traveling through the countryside, follow these few tips.

Restraint system
Seeing a dog stick its head outside a window is a common sight on the roadways, but it isn't a safe way to travel. Cars can suddenly stop, insects can fly into your pet's face and a number of other things can happen. To avoid mishaps, sit your dog or cat in the back seat in a pet harness or crate.

Identification tags
Be sure your pet has its collar on with up-to-date identification tags. It's also important to have your pet's medical records with you in the unfortunate case that you have to stop at a vet while on the road.

Pack food
Just like you probably pack food on long trips, have a goodie bag full of pet treats. You can purchase an inflatable bowl for water and kibble. Additionally, have your pet's favorite toys on hand to keep it calm during the ride.

Help Rescue Animals

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