Tips For Less Stressful Visits to the Vet

Visiting the veterinarian can be a stressful experience for both you and your cat. It's important to remember that while Fluffy may be frustrating you, she's only acting out because she's confused and scared. However, it is very important for pets to visit the vet. Even if your cat never leaves the house, it can still become ill or injured. In order to ensure these visits go as smoothly as possible, start conditioning your kitty while she's young to not be frightened by the situation with some of these strategies:

  • Make the cat carrier a positive environment. Leave it open on the floor in your bedroom with bedding and a toy inside so that your cat can use the carrier as she sees fit. This will make it more familiar and the cat will have positive associations with it.
  • Have practice exams at home once or twice a week. While you cuddle and pet your little feline, slowly get her used to having her mouth, feet, tummy and backside touched. This will help your cat feel less uncomfortable when the vet gives her an actual checkup.
  • Take practice trips to the vet. Get your cat used to driving in the car and being inside the veterinarian's office by visiting a couple times before her checkup. Give your cat a treat each time you go to create a positive association. When the time comes for an actual appointment, your cat won't be as afraid of the trip.
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