Tips for Bringing Home Your New Cat

Now that you've acknowledged and accepted that you're a cat person, you made the decision to go out and rescue an adorable feline. The first 30 days after adopting a cat are crucial to sustaining the new family dynamic and relationship. 

Before you went out and got the cat, you made sure that everyone in your home was prepared to have one. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, it's important that when you bring kitty home she feels safe, and all of her needs can be met by every member of the family.

If you have kids, make sure kitty has a room she can go to where she'll not only feel safe but can be alone. Cats like to have alone time just like humans, so give her a space where she can find her food, water, litter box and toys to enjoy a little "me time."

When you first bring your new cat home, take the time to introduce her to everyone. This is often a slow process as cats can take up to 14 days to relax in a new environment. Have friends and family that you frequently spend time with come over to meet her, and supervise introductions with other animals so that everyone will stay safe.

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