This Baby Sloth Gains His Strength As He Cuddles. Watch And You’ll Fall In Love!

What is it about sloths that drive us wild? I think we can find many answers to this single question. That is probably why this video couldn’t get any more perfect.

Meet B-Rad, a super tiny baby sloth that was rescued after falling out of a tree. He’s so tiny most likely due to severe malnutrition. So sad! Thankfully, he was found and is now being cared for at a sanctuary. YAY for rescues!


B-Rad has his very own plush sloth that he loves to cling to.


He is eating, and sleeping (a lot) and is getting all the nutrients he needs. Once he’s big enough and strong enough, he will be released back into the wild.


Sloths are the cutest and there’s no “butts” about it!


Silly Sloth Joke:

One day, a sloth was minding his own business while “walking” through the forest. He was suddenly jumped and beaten up by a gang of snails.

Injured and sad, he made his way over to the police station. When the deputy asked the sloth what happened he said: I really don’t know, the whole thing happened so fast!

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