He Might Be A Huge Dog, But He Knows Who REALLY Runs The House!

Kittens are essentially furry menaces. Do you have cords in your house? Say goodbye to them. Enjoying a great nights sleep? Prepare for your feet to become a cat toy. Thankfully they make up for their occasionally destructive and obnoxious behavior with attention, affection, and being unbelievably adorable.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 3.37.29 PM

Of course, that’s all from our human perspective. When you have another pet and you bring in a tiny kitten, things get a little bit more difficult. Will your cat be accepting? Will your dog think you brought home as squirrel? How will they adjust? Well, this doberman knows EXACTLY how to handle it: admit the kitten is now in charge! It’s hard to argue with letting this tiny thing in charge, especially when all he want to do is play. There has never been a cuter pair!

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