Tiny Kitty Finds True Love With A Pit Bull

It amazes me how Pit Bulls can get a bad rap when there’s a video like this one out there! This tiny kitty is bite-sized to this pittie and as you can see, she has nothing but love for her new kitten brother. Her patience is unlimited. Just watch her facial expressions too. PRECIOUS!

It’s not an everyday occurrence where you see something this sweet, this adorable, this delicious… And yes, it’s ok if you want to scream from cuteness overload. I have such a weakness for orange tabbies. too. Gah!

If you love Kitties and Pitties like I do, you will LOVE this article! It’s written with this “lethal” combo in mind. Lethal cuteness, that is! Kitties + Pitties = PURRFECTION! They go together like peanut butter and jelly! Peas and carrots! Pizza and ranch dressing (okay, this one is an acquired taste for some, but trust me, it’s delicious!)

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