Woman Tricks Her Husband Into Getting A Tiny ‘Terrier’ Puppy That Grew To Be A Great Dane

Having a dog in your house is a real blessing, and it seems Sue was interested in having a dog around when she talked to her husband Robert about getting a puppy. It wasn’t long before Yogi Bear was added to the family. He was a tiny puppy and she told Robert he was a Jack Russell Terrier.

Although she may have said that Yogi was a Jack Russell Terrier, she was fibbing. It wasn’t even a little fib, because Yogi was actually a great Dane.

Her little secret didn’t stay little for long as Yogi continued to grow bigger and bigger. By the time he was five months old, Robert knew that he had been duped. Yogi wasn’t going to be a 20-pound dog, he was going to weigh 200 pounds!

It may have been a little frustrating at first, but Robert really doesn’t mind that his wife wasn’t fully truthful.

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He loves Yogi and is happy to have him as part of his family. Daily Mail even reports that Yogi is one of the largest dogs in the UK and eats approximately $200 worth of food monthly. When he goes outside, he also has to wear a horse coat because it is so cold!

Now that 10 years have passed, Yogi has become friends with a stray cat in the area that keep showing up at the home. The cat didn’t stay a stray for long, he became a part of the family. They now curl up to take naps in their old age together.

You can see more about Yogi and his family in the following video:

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