Terrified Dog Being Sold On Craigslist Walked Around With Her Bed On Her Back To Make Her Feel Safe

This dog, named Holly, was terrified of everyone and everything. She was not treated well at all. She would shake constantly and walk around with her bed on her back like a turtle’s shell to make her feel safe.

The three-year-old Chinese Crested dog was rescued from Craigslist, and now she’s slowly learning to trust again. She loves to play and jump around and is extremely sassy! She even wears adorable little pajamas!

She may be extremely tiny, but she has a huge heart! And now she finally has a loving home where she can show affection and get it in return for the first time in her life. All dogs deserve a wonderful life like this, and a loving family to take care of them. Holly never has to worry about being mistreated ever again!

You can follow Holly’s amazing journey on her Instagram.

Watch her tiny cute self in the video below:

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