Artist Creates Adorable Tiny Hats For Pets

A Lativia-based yarn artist named Viktorija creates adorable tiny hats for tiny pets. She uses colorful yarn to knit the hats that fit little creatures like snakes, guinea pigs, rats, hedgehogs, hamsters, and owls!

Viktorija knits and sells her tiny hats on Etsy where she has a store, VikiPerfectGift. Each hat is modeled by an adorable little animal. Some of her models are real, adorable animals and others are stuffed animals she uses in their place.

Check out some of the adorable hats below:

1. Guinea Pig

These tiny guinea pig hats are so festive! They’d be perfect to celebrate Christmas or a birthday.

Photo: Etsy/VikiPerfectGift

2. Tiny Hippo

While modeled by a tiny stuffed hippo, this adorable green hat would be perfect for a kitten, puppy, or guinea pig!

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Photo: Etsy/VikiPerfectGift

3. Chincilla

Who wouldn’t love a chinchilla in a beret?

Photo: Etsy/VikiPerfectGift

4. Bunny

This little bunny is getting ready to go to the Wild West with his tiny cowboy hat.

Photo: Etsy/VikiPerfectGift

5. Halloween Chinchilla

A tiny witch hat is the perfect Halloween attire for a tiny critter.

Photo: Etsy/VikiPerfectGift

6. Snake

Have you ever wanted to see a snake wear a hat? Now you can dress your own reptile for an occasion!

Photo: Etsy/VikiPerfectGift

7. Hedgehog

The mushroom hat perfectly suits hedgehogs and other tiny creatures.

Photo: Etsy/VikiPerfectGift

8. Hamster

This little hamster looks like he’s ready for a night out.

Photo: Etsy/VikiPerfectGift

9. Owl

Nurse owl to the rescue!

Photo: Etsy/VikiPerfectGift

You can purchase a hat for your own tiny pet on her Etsy store.

Message her on Etsy if you’re interested in getting a custom-made order.

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