Town Makes Tiny Road Signs To Protect Their Littlest Critters

Although I think most people would fall into the category of being “animal lovers,” there seem to be some animals that are more worthy of our affection than others.

It doesn’t matter where you look around, there are always going to be cute little critters that pass by on a daily basis. This includes in many cities, and Clinic 212 is doing their part to make sure everyone knows it.

That agency, located in Vilnius, Lithuania is creating little roadsigns to help tiny species get the acknowledgment they deserve.

Martynas Karpovicius is a project manager who came up with the idea for the ‘Tiny Road Sign’ when he was on his way home in a taxi. He saw a hedgehog that was passing by on the street and the taxi driver almost didn’t see him. That is when he decided to create a road sign for that purpose.

Photo: Clinic 212

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Photo: Clinic 212
Photo: Clinic 212

The signs do more than alert people to the possibility that animals will be crossing the road, they also alert people to the fact that they exist in the same space. It is especially a powerful message to those who are walking or cycling by.

The group installed these little signs in four different locations and it provides a message that is larger-than-life. For the birds and hedgehogs, two signs were erected in Vingis Park. Another two signs were put up nearby to protect ducks and other birds, as well as homeless cats.

Photo: Clinic 212
Photo: Clinic 212

The little signs do a wonderful job of letting people know that the world around them has a lot to offer.

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