The ‘Tiniest Puppy’ Found Curled Up Next To A Dumpster Wasn’t A Puppy At All

Squidget is an amazing little survivor. At just over 2 pounds, she may be small, but she will touch your heart in a big way!

Michigan Humane Society’s Chris Ouwerkerk received a call when a woman found tiny Squidget curled up next to a dumpster. He brought the dog back to his shelter, cleaned her up, vaccinated her, and weighed her.

Squidget only weighed 2.2 pounds, and she’s not even a puppy. At 8 months old, she’s one of the smallest dogs the Michigan Humane Society has ever seen.


Ouwerkerk says Squidget loves to lay in laps, and while she’s a bit shy at first, doesn’t take long to warm up.

“Once you get her going, she’s very playful and very happy,” he says.

As soon as Squidget puts on some healthy weight, she’ll be looking for her forever home! Watch her video below.

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