Cat becomes Best Friends With A Fish In The Koi Pond

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching a lot of cute animal videos on YouTube (and it probably is only one thing), it’s that you can never be too sure how animals will respond to something.

Take Timo the cat, for example. Unlike the stereotypes, this kitty loved fish — as friends, not food!

Timo was a ragdoll cat, a breed known for its gentle, calm nature. So, it’s no surprise that his favorite place to hang out was the koi pond in his backyard!

Photo: Pixabay/BARBARA808

Timo, and his best friend Cleo the British Shorthair, loved to not only zoom around the pond and play but also say hi to their fishy friends.

Even more impressive, in spite of his love for the koi, curiosity didn’t get the better of this cat — he’s never fallen into the pond!

Photo: YouTube/Xiedubbel

“We are always there to keep an eye on him,” his family noted on Instagram.

In addition to social media, there is also a YouTube channel that shares cute footage of the cats and their koi.

Photo: YouTube/Xiedubbel

While Timo and Cleo have since passed away in 2018 and 2019 after long and full lives, the channel continues with Toby and Mr. Mika, two new cats that share their predecessors’ love and fascination for the koi pond.

Watch more of Timo and the koi below!

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