Can Dogs Tell Time?

If you’ve been around dogs, then you know that they are pretty darn smart. But can they tell time? Sometimes we think they can, and we’re not entirely wrong. They can’t tell the exact hour or anything like that… but they do have an idea of when to expect you to arrive home or when it’s time for dinner.

The reason why is pretty interesting, actually. They can sort of tell time by using a combination of their tummy and their nose. But can you guess how?

Your scent is pretty much everywhere in the house, and when it begins to fade in the air, your dog knows that means it is time for you to come back (and stink up the place again, haha). Pretty cool, huh? Also, they go by their tummy. When it begins to feel empty, then it is time to eat, right? Smart dogs!

So, while your dog cannot tell you the exact time, they do know a rough estimate. Aren’t pups so smart? I LOVE THEM!

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