Owners Run In Opposite Directions And Dog Can’t Decide Who To Follow

A loyal dog was put in a position to choose one of its owners but refused.

The little Yorkshire terrier named Cookie was taking part in a TikTok challenge with its owners, but no one could’ve expected what Cookie’s reaction would be.

In the video posted by @kamilandra_, Kamila and her partner decide to test Cookie’s loyalty by running in opposite directions and seeing who the dog would follow.


At the start of the video, you can see Kamila and her partner standing side by side with Cookie in between them.

Suddenly, they both take off running in opposite directions and little Cookie is left startled and all alone. Cookie first looks to Mom but doesn’t move.

Photo: TikTok/kamilandra_

Then, they turn and look in the direction of Dad. The little pup goes back and forth a few times before breaking out in full-on circles!

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They continue to spin in circles, unsure who to run after and clearly upset at having to make the decision. Cookie is so loyal, when put under pressure to choose one owner over the other, they just couldn’t do it!

Photo: TikTok/kamilandra_

“you broke the dog,” someone joked in the comments.

The touching video quickly spread, and was viewed over 10 million times on TikTok! It was also shared on Reddit where it received even more views.

Photo: TikTok/kamilandra_

They say dogs are loyal, but Cookie just goes to show how loyal a dog can truly be. Of course, not all dogs react this way and some people are even afraid to try this challenge with their own pups in fear of them choosing the other owner!

Watch the adorable video below:


The loyalty is real!! #fyp #loyaldog #yorkshireterrierlove❤ #dogchallengerunaway #dogchallenge

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