Man Saves Corgi Tied To A Tree During A Lightening Storm

Kenadee Lynn went viral on TikTok for saving two dogs left outside during a lightning storm.

The incident happened in her neighborhood in Indiana, and Lynn documented the neglect and rescue for her audience to see.

In the TikTok video posted by Kenadee Lynn (@kenadeelynn8), you can see a sad-looking corgi tied to a tree outside in a yard. The dog has no food, no water, no shelter, and it’s pouring down rain.

Photo: TikTok/kenadeelynn8

The video’s text overlay says: “If you own dogs, don’t leave them out in the rain!! Chained up with no food, water, or shelter from heat/rain.”

As the video went on, the rain continued to pour down, and the day eventually turned to dusk. Lynn said in the video, “As we sit in the car, this poor puppy is sitting in this f*cking storm.”

Thankfully, Lynn called animal control who was able to rescue the dog and take it to the safety of a shelter. When officials with animal control finally arrived, they discovered that the little corgi wasn’t alone in the yard, but there was another small dog also chained outside.

Photo: TikTok/kenadeelynn8

Lynn captioned the video, which has since been viewed over 3 million times, “Saved these two scared soaked babies today. #SyncYourMiO #DontSpillChallenge #makeviral #animalabusshouldstop #help #animalactivist.”

Lynn explained in the comments, “the dogs are safe!! I had finally got animal control to come help me get them out by the end of the video; they are at the shelter. I was told by the cops I wasn’t to touch the dogs. [The owners] could have sued me, and I also had my [1-year-old] with me at the time. I had proof of everything I was witnessing for proof of neglect of these 3-month-old puppies being left in a lightning storm.”

Photo: Max Pixel

Many people commented on the video in support of her actions, citing that no one who leaves a dog out in a storm should be able to own pets. Unfortunately, Lynn made an update in the comments saying the owners were able to pay some fines and now have their dogs back.

She lives nearby and has been checking on the yard to make sure they aren’t left out again.

Watch the TikTok below:


Saved these 2 scared soaked babies today. #SyncYourMiO #DontSpillChallenge #makeviral #animalabusshouldstop #help #animalactivist

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