How To Properly Remove Ticks From Your Dog

Fido loves to explore in the woods with you, but you both could be leaving with something dangerous attached to you.

Ticks are blood suckers that can transmit disease. It is common to find a tick or two on Fido and yourself after an adventure in the woods. Thankfully, a tick does not transmit a disease for 24-36 hours, so you need to remove it immediately to avoid problems. They attach themselves to Fido around the eyes, ears, paws, and any other place they can bite into.

A thorough examination will aid in finding those pests and removing them. Ticks may be harder to see on a dog with long hair or a double coat. Run your hands along the skin under the hair to feel for a tick. If you find one be sure to remove it immediately.


What Kind Of Tick Is It?

There are many different types of ticks. Each looks a little different and can transmit different diseases. Different species are located in specific area of the United States. Ticks are everywhere. The kind you have in your area and the disease they can spread are listed below, according to Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Photos: Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Photos: Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Deer Tick or Blacklegged Ticks
These ticks are appropriately named because their host is usually white-tail deer.
Area: Northeastern and upper midwest United States. Theses ticks love deciduous forest.
Disease: Lyme, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis

American Dog Tick
This type is commonly found in grassy areas next to walkways.
Area: Widespread east of the Rocky Mountains and along the California Coast.
Disease: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Lone Star Tick
These ticks love to bite humans, but they still bite dogs as well. They will have one white dot on their back, distinguishing them from other types of ticks.
Area: Southeastern and eastern United States.
Disease: Ehrlichiosis

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