Eek! Is That A TICK On My Dog?! What Do I Do Now?

Spring is finally here, and that means summer is right around the corner! These warmer months mean bonfires, trips to the beach, barbeques, and….ticks. If the thought of a tick makes you shudder, you are not alone. I have yet to meet someone who isn’t completely grossed out by these blood sucking parasites.

Besides being completely disgusting, ticks are also a threat to our health. They have been known to carry a number of different diseases, including lyme disease. Knowing what to look for, how to prevent ticks, and how to safely remove them is vital information for every person, and especially any dog owner, to have.

What Is A Tick?

Ticks are parasites that feed on the blood of various warm-blooded hosts. Because of their size and habit of hiding in hard-to-reach places, they often go unnoticed on the host for a long period of time. Unfortunately, they can transmit diseases through their bite, which makes them dangerous as well as annoying.

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Where Do They Live?

Ticks live in moist and humid environments, and are extremely prevalent in wooded or grassy areas. They can’t fly or jump, but they have no problem finding a host. They search for and find a host by detecting the breath, body heat and body odor of a potential host. They wait for hosts along well-traveled paths, and sit on the top of grass and shrubs, waiting for a host to walk by, where they quickly grab on and find a place to feed.

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Ahhh! A Tick Is Attached To My Dog! What Now?

First, don’t panic. Just because a tick is attached to your dog does not mean they are going to get a disease, and it’s important to remove the tick calmly so that you don’t create more problems for you and your dog. There is a way to remove ticks from your dog that is painless and fairly easy as long as you are doing it correctly.

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Alli B. was born and raised in the Great Lakes State. She is a proud dog mom to an adorable mutt named Rue, a three-legged pup named Tripp, and a crazy cat mom to two feisty felines, Louie and Pikachu. She spends her days exploring all that Michigan has to offer with her husband and their fur-babies.
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