Thursday’s Dog: Max

Meet today’s adorable Dog of the Day: Max from Centennial, CO!

Max: Rescue Story

I lost my Chihuahua mix to a coyote attack in 2010 and was completely heartbroken. It took me over two years to decide to get another dog (we still had our cat) and when my son wanted us to get one, I decided to get him one for Christmas. I firmly believe in rescuing and I started browsing dogs at the local animal shelters in town. I saw Tre (now Max) on the website at a shelter and fell immediately in love with his face and awesome underbite! I took my son to look at the dogs there and he chose a couple to spend time with including Max. Max was the first one they brought in. At first he didn’t want to do anything but sniff around, but when my son sat on the floor Max jumped right into his lap and that was it for us. He had just come into the shelter about a week before. He had been transferred from another shelter when he had been confiscated from his last owner. He had literally just gone up for adoption the day before we got him! He loves to cuddle and loves to play chase with us and chew on his bones. We are happy that Max chose us for his forever home.

Centennial, CO

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